Status and Settings: Energy Band

How do I access status and settings?

The user can access status by pressing and holding the enter button. On the status view, the diagram above indicates the current battery charge and below the second diagram indicates the number of days remaining on the biosensor. Select the down button to configure settings. The following settings options are available:

  • Sound
  • Light
  • Alarms
  • Units
  • Unpair
  • Shut Down
  • Factory Reset
  • About
Can status or settings be accessed when the Energy band is unpaired?
Status or setting are not available when the Energy band is not paired to a device. To view settings please pair the Energy Band to your Supersapiens app. After pairing, you may still access settings even if the connection with the device is inactive. 
Can I disable sound or alarms?
Yes, a user can disable or enable sound from the configurable settings options. 
What energy savings options do I have with the lights?

Users can choose any of the four light options.

  • Always On
  • Off When Charging
  • Default Off
  • Exercise Off

The battery life can vary between 12-24 hrs depending on the option chosen.

What types of alarms can I set?

You can set 2 types of alarms. (Static & Smart)

  • A static alarm can be set to alert users after their exercise event has passed a pre-determined number of minutes.
  • A smart alarm can be set to alert users when the users glucose levels have met or exceeded pre-set glucose thresholds.
How do I set an alarm?

Users can set and activate recurring alarms to support users while they are only in an exercise event. The Alarms can be set and edited by using the steps listed below.

Static Alarm

  • Access Settings
  • Select Static 
  • Set Minutes
  • Optional: Test Alarm
  • Set Alarm to On

Smart Alarm

  • Access Settings
  • Select Smart
  • Set upper and lower limits
  • Optional: Test Alarm
  • Set Alarm to On
Why is the Smart Alarm NOT alerting me when I break the upper and lower limits?

For the Smart Alarm to be active, the Energy Band must be in exercise mode. Press the action button and start an event. If your glucose level break your upper and lower limit you will receive an extended beep sound.

Where can I find important information about the Energy Band?

Find the serial number in Settings/About. The page will display both the individual serial number of the device and a QR code to access specifications. Specifications include the following: 

  • Version
  • Serial Number
  • Build ID
  • Scan QR Code
Why would I need to complete a factory reset?
Complete a Factory Reset when moving the Energy band between users, accounts, devices or if returning the Energy Band. All of the saved data will be immediately deleted and the original factory settings will be restored. 
How do I reset the Energy Band to factory settings? 
To reset the Energy Band open Settings and select Factory Reset and Confirm. All of the saved data will be immediately deleted and the original factory settings will be restored.
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