Why purchase an Energy Band?
The Energy Band allows users to capture and record minute-by-minute glucose data without having their device present. Once users come back in contact with their device the Energy Band will sync all of the data captured back to the phone and into the secure cloud.
Where can the Energy Band be purchased?
The Energy Band can be purchased online at www.Supersapiens.com. All major credit cards are accepted. Express checkout is available via Shop Pay, PayPal and Google Pay. 
What does the live data screen display?
The live data screen on the Energy Band displays the user's current, minute-by-minute glucose in mg/dL. An arrow will indicate if the glucose readings are increasing or decreasing. The direction of the arrow indicates the trend or rate-of-change. Status icons will indicate if the Energy Band is connected to the Supersapiens app, Abbott biosensor or recording an event. The battery life is displayed as a percentage and located with the status icons along the bottom of the live data screen.
How can a user view the live data screen, today's exposure, or the clock?
Select up or down controls to scroll between live exposure, current exposure and time.
What does the today's exposure view display?
The current exposure displays the total, daily glucose exposure (average glucose each hour multiplied by number of hours since midnight) and how far above or below the daily average. 
What does the clock display? How is the time correct? How can I change the time?
The clock will display the time. You may adjust from a 12 hour to a 24 hour clock in settings. The current time is synced to your device at the time of pairing.  
Can today's exposure be viewed without a paired biosensor?
No, to get your daily exposure the user must be connected to an active biosensor.   
What do the colored circles on the face of the Energy Band represent?
The following 3 circles may appear on the face of the Energy Band. 
  • The Green circle will display when you are actively recording an exercise event.
  • The Blue circle indicates the device is connected to your device. Information captured and saved in the Energy Band can be transferred to the device and saved to the cloud.
  • The White circle indicates that the Energy Band is connected to the biosensor and is actively collecting and displaying data from the Biosensor.
Why do I want to start an exercise event?
You will want to start an exercise event using the Energy Band the following reasons:
  • To capture and log your exercise event in the Supersapiens App
  • To generate your GPZ Score and rate the value of your workout
  • To enable the alarm feature in the Energy Band
  • Coming Soon: To mark inner-event fueling events
How do I start and stop an exercise event using the Energy Band?

To start an exercise event press the enter button and select start. You may choose to cancel the event if the enter button was pressed by accident.

To stop an exercise event press the enter button and select stop. Rate the effort and feel form 1-10. All exercise event that last longer than 15 minutes will be captured and transmitted to your Superspaiens app when connection to the device is restored.

Why would I want to flag an event?

Coming Soon: You may flag food markers inside of your exercise events to better understand the impact the fuel had on your energy and workout. Press the enter button while in an exercise event and select flag. Please note flagging does not do anything in the moment. The flag will be represented by a food event marker on your energy curve in your logged exercise event.

Why does my Energy Band not record exercise events under 15 minutes in duration?

There are multiple reasons why the Energy Band may not record an event and transmit it to the Supersapiens app. See the reasons below:

  • All events are required to last a minimum of 15min or they will be automatically deleted. Even the shortest of training sessions require a larger window than 15 minutes to extract valuable data.
  • Your Energy Band may not have synced to your Supersapiens app. The Energy Band should automatically detect and connect to the Supersapiens app once in close proximity to the device. This will be represented by a blue circle on screen of the Energy Band.
How do I update the software on my Energy Band?

The Energy Band must be connected via bluetooth to a device in order to begin a software update. A system upgrade may take up-to 1hr and 30min to complete, and may require at-least 60% battery charged before starting. The Energy Band does not automatically update and will require the user to initiate through the Supersapeisn app.

Where can I download the Energy Band user manual?

Select the following link to download the Energy Band manual that comes in the box. 

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