Use and Handling: Energy Band

What training conditions is the Energy Band designed for?
The Energy Band is designed to handle a rainstorm, swim, or sweaty workouts. 
Is the Energy Band water-resistant, sweat-proof, or water-proof?
The Energy Band is water-resistant up to 50 meters (5ATM). 
Is the Energy Band easy to read during the day or night?
The Energy Band’s 8 color memory in pixel LCD display with backlight module allows for several display options, including an always on display, allowing for easy reading at night or in bright sunlight.
Is the Energy Band comfortable to wear?
The sleek design fits comfortably on the athlete’s wrist and securely straps to the handlebars with its sweat-resistant fluoroelastomer band.
Are replacement bands available?
Replacement bands are available. Please contact customer support via the complain form.  
How do I turn on the Energy Band?
To turn on the Energy Band press and hold the enter button (for up-to 3 sec). The enter button is located between the top and bottom control to the right of the Energy Band. The button is slightly raised to help differentiate it from the directional controls.  
How do I turn off the Energy Band?
To shut down the Energy Band. Press and hold the enter button. Select down to open Settings. Select Shut Down and then select Confirm. The device will instantly power off.   
How long does the battery last on the Energy Band?
The battery life of the Energy Band can last up-to 24hrs with the backlight turned off or up-to 12hrs with the backlight turned on. The backlight can be adjusted in the Energy Band settings.    
How long does it take to charge the Energy Band?
The Energy Band may take approximately 90 minutes to complete a full charge. Please check the connection of the charger if your device fails to charge. 
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