How do I pair the Energy Band to the Supersapiens app?

To pair the Energy band to the Supersapiens app click to pair on the Energy Band screen. This action will enable Pairing-mode. Pairing-mode  Open your Supersapiens app to complete the connection.

On the Supersapiens app select Pair New Device + from the Profile view. Select the Energy Band from the list of options. The app will begin searching for any Energy Band that is nearby and in pairing mode. If more than one Energy Band is detected, both options will display as options. Be sure to match the pairing number that is displayed on the face of each Energy Band. 

Once the Energy Band has pair the user will be alerted with a beep and a check mark icon will animate on the screen. The Energy Band will return to the home screen displaying the time or current glucose exposure. 

Why does the Energy Band display a random number during the pairing process?
The Energy Band displays a random number during pairing so that the user can choose what device to pair to in the event that more than one Energy band is detected. This can be very helpful for teams that may be pairing at the same time. 
How do I disconnect the Energy Band from the Supersapiens app?

Users may unpair the Energy band from the Supersapiens app by selecting unpair from the settings menu.

To pair with another account or device also disconnect the Energy Band from inside the Supersapiens app. Select Profile, Energy Band, Settings, and Unpair Energy Band. The Energy Band will be ready to pair with another device or Supersapiens account.  

If the Energy Band remains paired from the app, the user may instantly click to pair with the same Supersapiens account. 

Does the data captured from the Energy Band record to the cloud?
Yes. The data captured by the Energy Band is transmitted to the Supersapiens app via bluetooth and then stored securely in the cloud. The connection to the phone is represented by a blue circle on the bottom left of the face of the Energy Band. The Energy Band can save up-to 2 weeks of data. Be sure to maintain connection by keeping the devices in close proximity to one another. 
What version of the Supersapiens app do I need to pair the Energy Band?
To pair the Energy Band, the Supersapiens app needs to use version 2.2 of the Supersapiens app or newer. 
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