Glucose Data and Athletic Performance

How can athletes benefit from visibility to their glucose data?

Proper nutrition at the right intervals allows athletes to maintain a stable glucose level during endurance activities, which is important for managing overall energy and avoiding muscle fatigue. A study published in the American College of Sports Medicine showed that an athlete who understands the effects of their nutritional intake will have a better chance at improving their performance during exercise.In addition, research has shown that understanding real-time glucose levels can guide nutritional intake to help improve muscle recovery and athletic performance.

Which athletes will benefit most from the data provided by the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor?

Athletes who perform high intensity exercise or exercise with a duration of more than 90 minutes, e.g. in endurance cycling, running or triathlons, are most likely to see benefits from managing their fueling strategies with regards to carbohydrate loading. Visibility to their glucose levels can help them understand the efficacy of their nutrition choices, fuel appropriately, avoid fatigue from low glucose events, and know when to replenish during training and competition.

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