What is the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor?

The Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor (‘biosensor’) is designed for glucose sport use only and offers streaming glucose data with a dynamic range of 55 – 200 mg/dL for performance athletes to monitor their glucose levels. It is specifically designed for sports use. The biosensor is not for medical use and is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment, or management of disease.

Through non-exclusive partnerships, Abbott plans to make the biosensor compatible with sport companies’ mobile apps and products which will provide glucose levels, trends and metrics to provide insights to support optimal fueling strategy and performance for athletes.

What benefit will the biosensor provide to athletes?

The biosensor, when used with a compatible partner app, is designed to provide a glucose monitoring experience that will enable athletes to understand the efficacy of their nutrition choices during training and competition. It will therefore inform athletes about how to fuel appropriately, to fill their glycogen stores prior to a race and to know when to replenish during a race to maintain athletic performance.1,2

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How does a user obtain glucose readings from the biosensor?

To obtain glucose readings, users simply start a biosensor with a quick scan of the smartphone over the biosensor. After a 1-hour warm up period, users will start to automatically receive streaming glucose data every minute on their compatible smartphone app or compatible wrist reader.

What products are compatible with the biosensor?

We have partnered with Supersapiens to display and translate glucose readings from our biosensor into fueling strategies for athletes. Learn more at www.Supersapiens.com.

For a list of compatible app and products the biosensor is compatible with, visit www.libresense.abbott/en/home.html.

*Link will be functional once CE Mark is awarded and the website can go live.
What components are included in the biosensor pack?

The biosensor pack contains the biosensor and an applicator to prepare the biosensor for use. The biosensor is applied to the back of the upper arm with the aid of the biosensor applicator.

Why do the numbers on biosensor pack and biosensor applicator need to match?

The biosensor pack and biosensor applicator need to match because the biosensor is factory calibrated. Information about the calibration of the sensing element (also known as the biosensor tip) is programmed in the biosensor at the factory and are paired, which is why the two components must be used together.

How frequently does the biosensor capture and store glucose readings?

The biosensor automatically reports the glucose concentration in the interstitial fluid every minute. It also automatically records the glucose concentration every 15 minutes, storing that data in a rolling 8-hour log. If the biosensor is scanned with the compatible partner app at least 3 times per day, so as to download the data from the biosensor to the phone before the end of 8 hours, no data will be lost. If the biosensor is scanned after the 8-hour limit has passed, the oldest data will be lost. That means, the biosensor will only keep the latest 8 hours of data collected.

Why does the biosensor log data every 15 minutes? Why not every 1 minute?

The biosensor has limited storage capacity to keep the biosensor profile small. In the interest of preserving 8 hours for a typical overnight period, 15 minutes was chosen for the interval. The biosensor automatically reports the glucose concentration in the interstitial fluid every minute.

Can the biosensor be used with children?

The biosensor is intended to be used by athletes who are 16 years and older.

Is the biosensor CE marked?

Yes, the biosensor is CE Marked and will be available in select EU (European Union) markets.

Where can I purchase the product?

Product will be available through our partner web shops in select markets in Europe at www.supersapiens.com.

Where to go for more information/other questions?

For more information, visit ww.libresense.com.

When will the product launch in the US?

We intend to make Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor available globally; the timing is contingent on regulatory requirements in various countries.

Where can I download the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor insert?

Select the following link to download the biosensors product spec sheet and application directions. Each biosensor is packed with a copy of this insert. 

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