How long can the biosensor be worn?
The disposable glucose biosensor is designed to adhere to the back of the upper arm and provide accurate glucose readings for up to 14 days.
What if the user needs to remove the biosensor before within 14 days
(or if it falls off)?
A biosensor that has been removed or that has fallen off cannot be reused. Users should replace the biosensor and start a new biosensor. The compatible partner app will identify that it is a new biosensor and ask users if they want to start it.
Can I re-use the biosensor?
No, do not reuse biosensors. The biosensor has been designed so that it cannot be reused. It is also not suitable for re-sterilisation.
Do I have to use the biosensor for 14 consecutive days?
Once activated, the the biosensor may be worn for up to 14 consecutive days. You may remove the biosensor before the end of those 14 days; however, you cannot re-use the same biosensor once removed.
What happens if the biosensor is worn beyond 14 days?
After 14 days of wear, the user is notified that the biosensor has ended. The biosensor automatically stops collecting glucose data and should be removed 14 days after being started. The biosensor should be replaced with a new biosensor.
Can a user still scan and get the last 8 hours of data after the biosensor has ended after 14 days?
The user is provided with one last opportunity to scan the biosensor after the 14 days have ended. Only the compatible partner app originally paired with the biosensor will acquire any data still remaining on the biosensor that was obtained prior to the end of the 14-day wear period.
Would the biosensor’s life be the same if the time on the receiver is changed? For example, if someone is traveling and needs to go forward in time for 6 hours, would the biosensor end 14 days minus 6 hours?
No, the wear time of the biosensor is not impacted by the clock setting on the smartphone. The timer used for wear duration in the biosensor is independent of clock time on the smartphone.
What is the biosensor shelf life?
The biosensor shelf life is 18 months in Europe. Please refer to biosensor packaging for the expiry date.
The biosensor will expire within 14-days, can I still start the biosensor?
Yes, you can, but do not use the biosensor past the expiration date. If your biosensor expires during the 14-day wear, start a new biosensor before the biosensor expires.
If the biosensor is past its expiration date, can I still use it?
If your biosensor is past its expiration date, do not use the biosensor. Expired sensors may not give accurate readings since the biosensor chemistry degrades. Always check the expiration date of your biosensors before your purchase. If you get multiple biosensors at the same time, use the biosensors with the closest expiration first.
Does the expiration date indicate the last day the user can apply the biosensor, or the last day it can be used?
The expiration date indicates the last day you can use the biosensor. Do not use the biosensor past the expiration date. If your biosensor expires during the 14-day wear, start a new biosensor before the biosensor expires.
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