How do I connect my Supersapiens app to Apple Watch?
You will have the Supersapiens app option in the Watch app on your iPhone. The watch app, if not automatically installed on the watch, can be installed in the "Available Apps" section of the Watch app on the iPhone. Once installed, you will be able to see it as an application on your Watch and it will already be connected. No additional action/connection steps needed in the Supersapiens app or on the app in the watch.
Can the Apple Watch app be used without my iPhone?
No, the iPhone must be within range of the biosensor and paired with the Apple Watch in order to receive live readings.
Does historical data show in the Apple Watch app?
No, the watch app is intended to be utilized for a quick glance at live readings and how a user’s glucose is trending - whether that be during a race, following a meal or any other time a user may want to check with the convenience of simply glancing at their wrist.
How do I reconnect the Apple Watch if I have lost connection?
Attempt to turn off your Bluetooth for 10 seconds and turn it back on again. This should reconnect the Apple Watch to the iPhone.
Can I adjust how the Supersapiens data displays on my Apple Watch?
To make the Supersapiens live readings appear immediately on the Apple Watch, we recommend adjusting the settings of “Return to Clock” in the WatchOS app on the iPhone and leave the Supersapiens app on the watch running. This will allow the Supersapiens app to be the "primary" display (shown immediately when the watch face wakes up) for up to an hour from the Watch app's last use.
Can I have Apple Watch and another integration live at the same time?
The Apple Watch isn’t an integration, it is simply an additional display. Therefore, it will not interfere with any other integrations.
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