Auto Event Import

If a partnering training service is used to track and analyze the customer's workouts, Supersapiens will automatically import exercise events and supporting metrics: including pace, power, heart rate, distance, and speed. If enabled, users can see these metrics in their Supersapiens perform events to add more context to your glucose levels, allowing users to make more informed decisions based on multiple key performance indicators.

Enabling Data Import

  1. To enable the data import, open your Supersapiens app, select on Profile, and then Settings
  2. Select the Integration panel
  3. Select "Connect" under the partnering training application 
  4. The service will prompt you to pair with Supersapiens. You will be required to login to your account.
  5. The Supersapiens app will indicate that the account has been successfully linked. If you would like to disable the integration, please do so from the interface of the partnering Integration. 

Benefits of the Integrations

No need to duplicate events. Automatically import events based on Oura.

  • Automatically import events
  • Identify the data source with a partnering service badge
  • Add details such as: perceived exertion, energy feel, tags and notes depending on event type
  • Updates to events synced to Supersapiens app 
  • Live notification once events are imported 

Access Sleep Metrics 

Need to manually create sleep events. Automatically import sleep events from Oura.

Access Workout Metrics 

The below metrics will only populate if Oura has access to them. To gain access, Oura requires you to allow location tracking.

Running Walking Cycling Strength Training Other
  • Average pace (/km or /mi)
  • Average HR
  • Distance (km/mi)
  • Power

Please note that the Supersapiens app can only import data from one source at this time. If you have Apple Health, Garmin, and TrainingPeaks, you will have to choose which one you want to automatically import data from. Disabled services will not automatically import data into Supersapiens. You can change this any time in Settings. Note; only events created in the Oura ecosystem will populate, events imported into your Oura app from Strava, Apple Health, etc will not.

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