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Glucose Recovery Zone
The blue band across your glucose timeline is your Glucose Recovery Zone. By default the max threshold is set to 140 mg/dL and lower threshold to 70 mg/dL. The Glucose Recovery Zone can be edited from Settings in the Account Profile. 

Stay in the Blue
Ensure stable energy for recovery and performance by limiting the amount of time spent above or below the Glucose Recovery Zone (GRZ). Learn more about what levels athlete’s should maintain when not exercising.

Glucose Overexposure
Instances of time spent above 140mg/dL may trigger insulin responses that result in drops in glucose contributing to fatigue and lack of energy. Long term exposure contributes to inflammation, cellular damage, stress, sub-optimal vascular function, and insulin resistance. Learn more about how to improve your Glucose Stability and stay in the zone. 

How can glucose data help with recovery? 

How is recovery data captured and measured? 

What data is available in the daily recovery summary?

What distinguishes a recovery event from other events on the list or timeline?

What data is available on the daily recovery metrics? 

What metrics are most important when analyzing recovery events (like sleep)? 

What other data is available in recovery event analytics?

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