What is the Glucose Score?

The Glucose Score is a feature that uses a combination of parameters (Glucose Performance Zone, Low glucose levels, glucose Drops and the glucose Slope) to describe a user’s glucose level during exercise and estimate an overall index of glucose control. It calculates and displays a score from 1-100 that represents how well a user was able to maintain glucose availability for the working muscle.

The higher the number the more optimal glucose control was. A lower number may indicate that a different strategy is needed to optimize and better maintain glucose level during exercise.

The unique aspect of the Glucose Score is that it combines all relevant metrics associated with glucose control and builds a picture of a user’s glucose availability during exercise.

Why is the Glucose Score important?
Glucose Score can be used to help manage a user’s training or race. When the number is high it should mean the user was able to maintain and properly control glucose level during exercise. Conversely, when the value is low, it may be a good idea to review your feeding strategy during training to make sure that glucose availability isn’t a limiting factor in your ability to perform. It can also be used to learn how the body reacts to various situations and stimuli. For example, if the Glucose Score consistently shows a low number during exercise, the user may be able to look at the past few days of cumulative measurements to identify what may have been the cause.
Is there a desktop version of the app?
No. There is not currently a desktop version of the Supersapiens app.
Should my Glucose Score always be high?
Not necessarily. The aim of the Glucose Score is to provide you with an indication to use during moderate-to-high intensity sessions where ensuring proper glucose availability is key. And also during long sessions where the role of maintaining blood glucose level is associated with performance outcome. However, during low intensity sessions, your aim might be to ensure a low Glucose Score to train the body to rely on alternative energy sources.
How do users optimize their Glucose Score?
Applying a proper feeding schedule depending on the type of training you will do is the best thing to do to ensure a proper glucose availability to your working muscle. General guidelines exist and the Glucose Score will provide you the ability to adjust that based on your own physiology and glucose control during exercise.
What cannot be used to describe the Glucose Score?

Performance is a multifactorial phenomenon. Multiple factors have an influence on one’s capacity and tolerance to exercise. Glucose availability and control are one of those factors. Therefore, a score of 100 doesn’t imply/ensure a good performance per se and a user should not use it to justify or explain performance changes. The Glucose Score is a way to guide a user in better managing glucose levels during exercise to potentially reduce the impact of glucose availability on exercise capacity. One can feel great and have a low Glucose Score as well as feeling tired or underperform with a higher Glucose Score.

The Glucose Score is also NOT a measure of fuel or energy, it only gives an indication of glucose control.

What affects the Glucose Score?

External Physical Factors

  • Intensity - workload
  • Altitude
  • Temperature

External Nutritional Factors

  • Carbohydrate dose, type and timing
  • Fat intake
  • Protein intake
  • Diet composition
  • Caffeine

Internal Physical Factors

  • Training Adaptations
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Liver and Muscle glycogen stores
  • Dehydration
  • Infection/Inflammation
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
What do I do if my Glucose Score fails to load?

Your Glucose Score may fail to load if there is not enough information captured to generate a score. If the event occurred in the prior 8hrs, scan the biosensor to fill gaps and reopen the event.

It is also possible that the data may not yet completed syncing to your device. Try to close the event and open it again to regenerate the Glucose Score. If that does not work prompt the syncing of your data from settings and try to open the event again. The score will generate as expected.

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