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Supersapiens 3.0 is expected to be released in October 2022. Please follow Supersapiens for updates.

Where is my live glucose data displayed?
When a biosensor is connected via bluetooth, you will see minute-by-minute glucose readings displayed on the live-measure view. The reading is paired with a trend arrow to indicate the direction and rate of the changes in your glucose at any given time. The data is displayed on the daily timeline on the same app screen to show you recent trends in your glucose data. Live updates such as trend, auto-detection, and scanning reminders will display on the messenger pill that sits above the calendar. Learn more about 4 simple strategies to optimize fueling on race day.

Why is the data on the glucose timeline sometimes rigid and other times smooth?
When connected via Bluetooth, the data displayed on the timeline will appear more sharp and rigid because it displays a data point every 1 minute. Glucose readings imported as a result of an NFC scan (when the biosensor has been out of Bluetooth range) display only one data point for every 15 minutes. The result is a smoother, but less granular trace on your glucose timeline.

How much glucose data will Supersapiens store and display?
Supersapiens will store all of the data that is captured from the biosensor. The trace will display the current or past 24 hours of data. You can scroll to the past or previous day using the timeline, or navigate from the calendar view that can be accessed from above the live glucose reading.

What is plotted and displayed on the glucose timeline? 
The Supersapiens timeline shows your glucose trace, Glucose Recovery Zone aka GRZ (in blue), event bookmarks and glucose Rush markers. The glucose trace plots minute-by-minute glucose data. Press and hold on the glucose trace to prompt reading. The timeline displays a 3 hour window that can be scrolled horizontally. The GRZ is set by default to 70 mg/dL - 140 mg/dL. You can customize this range and the changes will be reflected on the timeline. Event bookmarks sit between the GRZ and the glucose trace. Event analytics can be accessed by selecting the event bookmarks from the timeline. Lastly, markers triggered by glucose Rush detection are also displayed directly on the glucose trace. You can log glucose Rush causes and review rush analytics by selecting on the marker.

When would I need to use NFC scan to fill gaps in my data?
If the Bluetooth connection is lost, the Supersapiens app will no longer receive and display minute-by-minute readings on your glucose timeline. The app will display an icon that will prompt an NFC scan. Once you scan the biosensor, missing data up to 8 hours in the past will populate, and minute-by-minute data readings will continue. The data received from the scan will be one data point every 15 mins. Be sure to keep the app open in the background to ensure a constant Bluetooth connection. If you are out of bluetooth contact for over 8 hours, you will populate the most recent 8 hours.

What prompts can I follow to scan the biosensor?
Automatic prompts will appear on your glucose timeline and on the live messenger when data is available on the biosensor to fill gaps. You may also prompt a scan from the glucose snapshot that is located in the header of the live measure view. The glucose snapshot will display your glucose metrics to show you the past 3 hours. 

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