What is required before pairing the Wahoo ELEMNT to Supersapiens?

Users must download the Wahoo ELEMNT App in order to pair the bike computer. The Wahoo companion app can be found on the iOS App Store or Google Marketplace.

From the Wahoo ELEMNT App, select device settings and enable Supersapiens Glucose toggle to permit integration. Once complete you're ready to pair and get live Glucose data on your bike computer.

What Wahoo ELEMNT devices are supported?

The following Wahoo devices are able to display Supersapiens Independent Real Time Glucose readings:

  • Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt v2
  • Wahoo ELEMNT Roam v2
What does pairing the Wahoo ELEMNT to my Supersapiens app do for me?

Once the Wahoo ELEMNT App is installed and the device paired, users can see live minute-by-minute glucose data from the screen of their bike computer without having to carry their mobile device. The glucose data is saved and passed to Supersapiens. Users can scan the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor to fill gaps.

How do I pair my Wahoo ELEMNT Device?

Use the following steps to pair your Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt or Wahoo ELEMNT Roam:

Step 1: Installing Wahoo Companion App

  1. Download Wahoo fitness app, ELEMNT
  2. Add a new device
  3. Scan QR code
    • Select Pair Device on phone
    • Allow notifications
    • Connect to Home Wifi
  4. Update Wahoo firmware

Contact Wahoo Support if you have problems with their products or services.

Step 2: Turn on "Supersapiens Glucose"

  1. On the ELEMNT App go to Settings-
  2. Scroll down to the "Sensors" section and enable "Enable Supersapiens Glucose"
  3. On the Wahoo ELEMNT device, you will see the "Glucose" field and "Please Pair"

Step 3: Pair Wahoo to Supersapiens

  1. Open the profile tab on the Supersapiens app
  2. Tap "Pair New Device" in the top right of the screen.
  3. Select the Wahoo Bike Computer from the provided list.
    If you have another Wahoo Bike Computer or a Supersapiens Energy Band already paired, you'll be asked to unpair that device before re-pairing the new Wahoo Bike Computer (or Energy Band).
  4. Supersapiens will scan the area to find the Wahoo Bike Computer and connect automatically.
  5. Once paired, the Wahoo Bike Computer will appear within the list of active devices.
  6. The device will begin to display minute-by-minute once in range with the biosensor.
Can I pair my Energy Band and Wahoo ELEMNT at the same time?

No, the user can only connect with the Supersapiens Energy Band or the Wahoo bike computer. If the user attempts to pair the Wahoo bike computer while an Energy band is actively connected, the system will prompt an alert to unpair the Energy Band before pairing to the Wahoo bike computer.

Can I customize the glucose display in the Wahoo ELEMNT App?

Yes, users can customize the display settings from the Wahoo ELEMNT App. Options include: defining what page the data field appears in and where on that page it is displayed. Visit Wahoo support for more information.

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