Performance Patches

Why should I wear a performance patch with my sport biosensor?

The Supersapiens performance patches are a strong complement to the sport biosensor. They are comfortable, breathable and protective.

How do I put on the performance patch?
Make sure the performance patch is placed directly centered over the Abbott Libres Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor. Make sure the area is dry, clean and shaved for the most outstanding use. Follow the brief instructions on the Performance Patch itself to peel back the first side, place it on your skin. Then, remove the second side of the plastic covering the Performance Patch and smooth it out across your skin until flat and secure.
How quickly can I start physical activity/training once I have applied the performance patch?
It is best to wait 30-60 minutes before starting physical activity. This allows the adhesive on the performance patch to dry and remain secure on your body.
How long do performance patches last?
The life of the performance patch may vary from one athlete to another. For those conducting regular low-intensity training in a controlled environment, you can expect the patch to last the entire 14-day biosensor life-cycle. Athletes training in the pool or regularly engaging in high-intensity training should be prepared to replace the patches every 4-7 days.
What are the performance patches made of?
The patches are composed of a flexible silicon ring with adhesive cotton material overlay.
Where can I purchase additional performance patches?
Additional performance patches can be purchased on the Supersapiens website under “Accessories” in a box of 10 performance patches (while supplies last).
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