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What determines a Glucose Rush?

A Rush is detected when the CGM readings sharply trends up at a minimum slope of 10mg/dL in 5 minutes and is trending above the users recovery zone (max tolerance 140mg/dL) or has experienced an absolute change of over 55mg/dL.

When would I receive a Rush push notification?

The user will receive a push notification once the Rush has been detected. The user will be prompted to log rush cause. The user can also take steps to mitigate the effects of the rush by going on a walk. More information on best practices is available on the Supersapiens blog.

Can I disable Rush push notifications?

Yes, the user may disable Rush notifications from their Settings options under Notifications.

What is rush cause and why is it important?
The user is expected to identify if the Rush is caused by Food, Mood, Movement or Other. The response is captured into the Rush details and data used to populate Rush insights.

How is a Rush represented on the Live Measure graph?
When a Rush is detected a marker will be placed on the live measure graph. The marker will be placed at the moment the system notify the user. The live measure messenger will change status and indicate that a Rush is being detected. The user may select the marker to log rush cause. The icon on the marker will change to indicate the cause of the rush: Food, Mood, or Movement. 

Once the Rush detection is complete the user may select the marker or select the rush from the list on the events tab. The system will display a snapshot of the cgm trace with supporting details. 

When is a Rush logged into the Events list? When is a Rush complete?
The Rush is logged into the Events list once the Rush is complete and details are available. For the Rush to be complete the glucose CGM trace must fall into the users recovery zone (max tolerance 140mg/dL).

Can I filter Rushes by cause?
Yes, the user may filter Rushes by cause (Food, Mood, Movement or Other). The user may also filter Rushes that have a missing cause. This will allow for fast and easy access to unidentified Rush causes.

What information is captured in Rush details?
Glucose Rush details include the cause, day, date and duration on the header. As a visual reference, the system also captures a glucose snapshot. The following metrics are also available for review and comparison:

  • Rush Peak: The highest CGM value captured. 
  • Rush Exposure: The amount of time above the glucose recovery zone. 
  • Rush Duration: The time between the start-time and end-time of the Rush. 
  • Absolute Change: The difference in CGM between start-time and time of Rush Peak.

Can I edit or delete a Rush?

Yes, the user can both edit the Rush cause or delete the Rush from their Rush list and Live Measure graph.

Does the app remind me of Rushes with missing causes? Why is it important?

Yes, The user will be reminded of rushes detected and rushes with missing causes when they engage with the Supersapiens app. A user may dismiss the message. The message may connect the user with Rush details, Rush cause question or Rush list depending on the intent of the communication. Users are encouraged to be aware of the cause of Rushes and to make adjustments to their training to maintain glucose stability.

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