Important Update

Apple has started rolling out the iOS 16 software update for iPhone, which has been causing technical issues on the Supersapiens service. Our team is working rapidly in the background to fix the breakage, and we’re confident a resolution will be achieved soon. However, we want you to be informed and prepared.

If you are NOT an iPhone user please disregard this message. Our service on Android and other non-iOS devices will NOT be affected.

If you own an iPhone please turn off automatic updates and do NOT update to iOS version 16.

Please wait until you receive confirmation from our team that this issue is resolved. If you install the iOS 16 update, it may cause service disruption.

You may also track the status of the issue by following us on Twitter or refreshing this page. We understand the importance of real-time glucose data as you train towards your goals and we appreciate your patience as we race towards a solution!

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