Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access my portal?
Access the portal by selecting the login button on the primary menu. Enter the same email and password used to access your Supersapiens mobile application.
How do I create an account or change my password?
Create an account on the Supersapiens mobile application prior to accessing the customer portal. Users may also view their login email and edit their profile from the account settings. Reset your password form settings or recover the password from the login screen if users are unable to access the services.
How do I manage my subscription?
If the user has an active subscription, the details will display on the homepage of the application. View the details of your order, recurring schedule, start date and next shipment date from the subscription management section. Users may also update their shipping and billing address. Please allow 2-3 business days prior to the next upcoming shipment for changes to occur.
Where can I find information on my Dashboard?
Access to the coaches dashboard is available inside of the custom portal. Users may select the banner to be redirected to the dashboard or find helpful information such as best practices and frequently asked questions. The Dashboard is also available from a dropdown in the primary navigation listing their username.
Where can I find information on the user Communities?
Users can view the schedule of up-coming Zwift masterclasses to train with other Supersapiens users. They may connect with Supersapiens through other active social platforms.
How can I get support?
Users can get access to the Help Center complaint form from inside of the portal. They will also be connected to the various frequently asked questions to further assist them.
How do I sign out?
Sign out of the custom portal by selecting the my account drop down from the primary navigation and selecting logout. The portal will also auto log out users due to inactivity. A modal with a timer will appear prior to signing the user out of the account
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