Apple Health Data Import

Supersapiens customers using an iPhone can enable data import from Apple Health. If you use a Garmin watch, exercise with Strava, MapMyRun, or any other health app that writes workout data to Apple Health, Supersapiens will automatically import your exercise events so you can easily analyze your glucose levels following a workout.


The first step is to enable health access when signing up. When you are prompted to authorize health access, select "Authorize", then "Turn All Categories On", and then press "Allow" in the top right-hand corner.




If for any reason you did not authorize health access, please head to your iPhone's settings, and enter Health -> Data Access & Devices -> Supersapiens, and then select "Turn All Categories On".


If for any reason you'd like to disable automatic event import from Apple Health, without disabling the setting in Apple Health, you can in your Supersapiens app. Go to Profile -> Settings -> Apple Health, and either choose which imports you'd like to allow or disable import altogether. This may be helpful if you would like to temporarily pause imports.


Sometimes events in Apple Health overlap, for example, if you use a Garmin watch which also creates a strava workout you will have two identical events in Apple Health; one from Garmin, one from Strava. Supersapiens pulls only one of these, the first to be recorded in health.


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