How is glucose measured?

In the same way that you can measure distance in different units (e.g. miles vs. kilometers), glucose can be measured in milligrams of glucose per deciliter of blood (mg/dL) or millimoles of glucose per liter of blood (mmol/L). The Supersapiens app only displays glucose readings in milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) and is able to show readings between 55 mg/dL and 200 mg/dL.

What does the Live Graph show me?
The Live Graph displays your trending Glucose Line, which shows your glucose readings between the dynamic range of 55 mg/dL and 200 mg/dL.
What is the max range of data that is stored on the live measure graph?
The live measure graph will only store up-to 120 days of live CGM data. Users can access all of their data on the Supersapiens dashboards
What are Insights?
Insights are actionable metrics used to analyze your glucose data. You will be able to interact with these metrics on the Insights tab within the Supersapiens app.
What is Today’s Glucose Exposure?

Today’s Glucose Exposure is a key metric you can use to manage your Average Glucose level throughout the day. Glucose Exposure on the Supersapiens app represents the total amount of glucose you have exposed your body to, updated every hour. Set your Daily Exposure Limit to track the total amount of glucose you want to expose your body to each day. Aim to stay within it and empower positive intra-day behavior change. Daily Exposure Limit is connected to your daily Target Average Glucose. For example, if your daily Target Average Glucose is set to 90 mg/dL, then your daily Exposure Limit will be 2160 mg (90 mg/dL x 24 hours in the day). Set your goals and then check your Glucose Exposure chart frequently to stay on track. Too little or too much Exposure leading into a performance demand can impact athletic performance.

What is Average Glucose?
Average Glucose is a key metric you can use to manage your total glucose exposure. In the Supersapiens app, set a Target Daily Average to have an actionable goal each day. This value will set the parameters of the Glucose Exposure chart for easy intra-day management. Every morning, check your Average Glucose to see how well you stayed on track Yday (yesterday) and over time to manage your glucose intake during on or off hours.
What is Glucose Variability?
Glucose Variability is a key metric you can use to discover what fuel sources provide stable and sustainable energy. Glucose Variability on the Supersapiens app represents the stability—or instability— of your glucose levels by visualizing the degree of oscillations (ups and downs) of your glucose levels on the Live Graph. Movement of the line on the Live Graph is normal as your body naturally regulates glucose levels. And this will vary on an individual basis, so it's important to have visibility to your own glucose data. Significant changes (steep upward or downward movement) can impact athletic performance. During rapid drops (and even rapid increases) in glucose, you may experience fatigue, lethargy, lack of focus, and lack of energy. Learning which fuel sources provide stable and sustainable energy will limit these performance-degrading effects. Use this Insight to compare your body's glucose response to different foods and aim to keep your Glucose Line on your Live Graph stable (smooth and straight.)
What are Glucose Zones?

Glucose Zones are a key metric you can use to discover your optimal fuel ranges for every type of event. Glucose Zones on the Supersapiens app represent 10 unique fuel ranges. Optimal fuel ranges will vary based on your individual body and the type of activity, so it's important to have visibility to your own glucose data. Training or racing outside of your optimal fuel range (Glucose Performance Zone) can negatively impact athletic performance. Correlate Glucose Zones with performance outcomes to discover your optimal fuel range and then maintain your Glucose Performance Zone during an event to sustain your peak performance through the finish line.

What are Events? How do I create them? How often should I create them?
You can create Events in the Supersapiens app. Events are activities, such as food or exercise, and you can add them to the Live Graph to visualize their impact on your glucose levels.
What are Event Analytics?
Event Analytics are personalized metrics based on your glucose data during the duration of a specific Event. These help you learn over time.
What is a Glucose Snapshot? How do I take one? How often should I take one?

Glucose Snapshot is a report of your last 3 hours of data generated by NFC scanning your biosensor with your compatible device. Take them as often as possible to keep up with data trends and ensure that you are retrieving any missed data from the last 8 hours. The Glucose Snapshot includes your Glucose Line, Glucose Min, Glucose Max, Last 3h Average Glucose, Last 3h Glucose Variability, Primary Zone, and Time Below Average. You can compare to your previous Glucose Snapshot and easily create an Event with this data.

Why is my glucose spiking or crashing?
No need to be alarmed. Your body naturally regulates glucose up and down. Plus, many factors influence your glucose levels at any time, including Food, Exercise, Sleep, and Stress. To learn more about glucose and the human body, check out our Education Hub.
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